• 13-20 July 2017 / 9th edition

  • Friendship. Forever. PriFest.


PriFest is partnering with Bechtel Enka to encourage young people in Kosovo to think about environment and concerns that they may have regarding this issue. The festival, scheduled to happen on 22-29 April 2016, in Prishtina, is opening up a competition for young people to show their creativity and produce films with the main focus on environment issues and problems that Kosovo is facing.

Green Film Project is the film project that involves young people to create their own story into a short film of 30 seconds up to 3 minutes long that will have as a main theme an environmental issue or problem that they can identify and make a creative story out of it. The story must be related to environment issues that are of concern in Kosovo. This will intrigue young people to show in a creative way any concerns that they have for environment in their own towns within Kosovo. Eligible to participate are Kosovan students of secondary school and university aged 16 and above up to 30 yrs old. The films can be done with the smart phone camera or with any other camera or format. The participants must upload the film in the special site that will be created for this purpose within PriFest website www.prifest.org.

The conditions for the film:
Length of the film: maximum 3 minutes
Technique of filming: any technique is acceptable

The film or part of it must be uploaded in instagram with tag to official page created by the festival in the form of a teaser and also the whole film must be uploaded in the site created for the activity. The hashtag for this competition is #PriFestGreenFilm #BechtelEnka

Eligible are all young people from Kosovo and living in Kosovo age 16-30 yrs.

The films should strictly be linked to environment theme and Kosovo.

The timeline for participation and producing the films is 15 January – 15 March 2016. After this date the competition will be closed and the films will be viewed by the jury (The films will be viewed by the jury of three people that will have one Bechtel Enka representative and two international and national jurors, professional in the field of film making.) in order to make a selection of best films that will move further to be shown to the audience.

The selection of 10 most creative films will be shown as part of the program in one of the days of the festival as a special screening of Green Film Project powered by Bechtel Enka, while in the awards ceremony of PriFest the winner film will be announced by Bechtel Enka and receive an award - the professional Canon camera for filming and photography and a certificate.



"There are A-list festivals and B-list festivals in the world. For me, PriFilmFest is an A-list festival from this first edition."

Ms. Vanessa Redgrave

Oscar and Golden Globe winner