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Prishtina International Film Festival opens accreditation online for industry and media professionals

Eighth edition scheduled for April 22-29, 2016; the focus of this year’s PriFORUM - the regional platform of film industry professionals is Distribution and International Sales

Prishtina International Film Festival, one of the most important film industry events in Kosovo, has set its dates for the 8th edition, and it will be on the last week of April, from the 22nd to the 29th, 2016. This year's programme is expected to bring many premieres of beautiful cinema, some of them even regional, international and world premieres. Guests that will be coming to present their films or attend the regional film industry events platform of the festival are also in big numbers.

PriFORUM - the regional platform of film industry professionals that is part of Prishtina International Film Festival, this year will be held in a more extended format, as it will have many exciting events, meetings, lectures, presentations etc.

The focus of PriFORUM this year is Distribution and International sales, and Prishtina will be hosting some important companies coming from France, Germany, Italy and the UK. An important fact for sure is that Prishtina is not Cannes, nor is it Berlin, regarding many aspects, so the distributors and sales agents will have time to listen to You, talented people of our region, the Balkans, talking about your film projects and pitching to them with a possibility to find an appropriate distributor, or close a sales deal in the project phase. This novel, exciting activity for our region will be called Prishtina Rendezvous!

Fatos Berisha, Head of PriFORUM, points out that Prishtina Rendezvous will be an important activity for this part of the region:

“Finding a distributor or a sales agent in the development phase of your film project is crucial because this makes your project stronger. Coming from Kosovo, we have a chance to see that when you visit big markets, usually important distributors and sales agents have their hands full selling and buying films from a more advanced industry, so it is quite difficult for us, coming from smaller film industries, to grab their attention. That is why this year, we took this step of organizing Prishtina Rendezvous. This will be a regional event that will bring together some important distribution and sales companies from Europe to come and meet talented people from our region and to hear about their projects. And Prishtina will give both parties a chance to focus on one another and have fruitful meetings, we hope.”

The Best Pitch Call for the film projects of first and second feature directors from the region is now open and you can apply in the following link:

This will surely be a very exciting moment for the film projects that will be selected, because not only can they benefit from the pitch training (done in partnership with Torino Film Lab) and present their project in front of the International Jury to win the award, their projects will also have a unique opportunity, offered generously by PriFORUM, to develop their scripts with script development experts for two days, or benefit from the tailor-made training on Audience and Marketing of the film, which again is conducted by Torino Film Lab experts.

Lectures from very distinguished EAVE experts will continue, thanks to a long-running relationship that PriFORUM nurtures with EAVE. In addition, many important lectures, presentations, opportunities, and even international scholarships, for actors, students of drama, and talent agencies, are to be expected from PriFest and its partners (the scholarship opportunity is exclusive only for Kosovan filmmakers)

All you have to do is go online at http://www.prifest.org/?m=t&id=9 and apply for accreditation to get free access to all film screenings and all film industry events, discussions, lectures, classes, parties, afterparties, etc.

Also, through our webpage, you will soon be able to find accommodation opportunities for the days you want to spend here, and you are all set! You can also write to us now at sleep@prifilmfest.org if you are in need of support regarding logistics and accommodation.

Prishtina is the place to be in the last week of April. It is relatively cheap, over 60% of the population are under 25 years old, so it is all about films, parties and fun!

See you at Prishtina International Film Festival!

Friendship. Forever. PriFest.

In the meantime, visit www.prifest.org; Facebook; Twitter and PriFest Instagram to find out about everything! Or contact us at



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