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The premiere of the Croatian documentary film “I Like That Super Most the Best” – to screen at PriFest this year

The film, which is about Down Syndrome, will be screened on the 8th edition of the Prishtina International Film Festival, scheduled to happen in April 2016.

Today, on the International Day of Down Syndrome, PriFest announced one title part of the line-up of upcoming 8th edition of PriFest, scheduled to take place from the 22nd until the 29th of April, in Prishtina.
PriDocs, is the programme within the festival that features documentaries from around the world with the focus on human rights and environment. This year the section will include the documentary film “I Like that Super Most the Best”, by director Eva Kraljević. This film will be screened in the Open Air Cinema, constructed during the festival at Zahir Pajaziti Square, Centre of Prishtina town. The screening time is Sunday evening, April 24th, 2016. The film will be shown with free admission in order to bring attention to more viewers, and to raise the public’s awareness about Down Syndrome.
About the film:
“I Like that Super Most the Best” is the intimate story of living with Mia, the author’s sister, who has Down Syndrome. Mia’s imagination, humour, and skill to find beauty in the smallest of details, teaches us all how to embrace life with all of its colours.
The film is a product of 6 years of shooting, through which Eva has been recording all of Mia’s dreams, wishes, and thoughts, on life, love, and all that makes her happy.
For years, Eva tried to make a movie about her sister, questioning their relationship and the shame she felt because of her, since she struggles to accept Mia the way she was. In the long run, her whole frustration seems to fade, and all that is left is a film about Mia, her energy, her enthusiasm about life, and the love between the two.
Eva Kraljević was born in 1981, in Zagreb, Croatia. For years she worked as a filmmaker in many productions, winning awards in international festivals.
“I Like That Super Most the Best” is her directing debut.
Click on the link to see the trailer:
World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD), is the international day which puts attention on the ways the whole community can come together to lend their voice for the rights of people with down syndrome, their involvement, and well-being, but mainly to educate, and to broaden horizons on this delicate subject.
This date has been chosen based on the fact that it is the 21st day, of the third month, and it simbolises the third pair of the 21st chromosome, which is what causes this syndrome.
Every single year, Prishtina International Film Festival has managed to direct the attention towards the most important subjects of the moment, thus once again, showing that the cinema, is the art that speaks directly to the society, informing it, educating it, and enriching it.

Prishtina International Film Festival, in the upcoming weeks will announce other titles, which will be screened as absolute premieres in Kosovo and in the region, in the festival’s categories, Honey & Blood competition, Middle Length Competition, PriDocs, European Competition, Focus, Let It Be Program, and Special Screenings. 



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