• 13-20 July 2017 / 9th edition

  • Friendship. Forever. PriFest.

The International Federation of Film Critics FIPRECI will bring its jury to a festival in Kosovo for the first time.

Continuing the journey of novelty that Prishtina International Film Festival has provided for this edition, we bring you more important news – a very important international jury, the International Federation of Film Critics FIPRESCI, will from now on be a regular jury in Prishtina International Film Festival, one which will evaluate and select the best movies from the Balkan Film Competition, to win the International Film Critics’ Award - the FIPRESCI prize. This jury will be present at a Kosovo film festival for the first time, whereas it takes part in many big and important film festivals around the world.
Fatos Berisha, the artistic director of PriFest, is very pleased with this achievement:
 “We’ve been collaborating with FIPRESCI for many years now during our festival by screening the FIPRESCI Award winners from other festivals. This year they offered to bring their own jury to PriFest, after evaluating this festival’s reliability and quality. This makes us very happy indeed because this jury attends the most important film festivals around the world, and from now on it will come to Kosovo to evaluate movies from the “Honey & Blood” program (The Balkan films). We are very proud to have gained an international reputation as a festival. This gives us the will and energy to develop our festival even more.”
Klaus Eder, the General Secretary of the General Assembly of FIPRESCI said concerning this event: 
“We are pleased to come to Prishtina with a first jury. It adds a region and Kosovo, to our filmic landscape of the world. Festivals offer a most exciting opportunity to become acquainted with world cinema - in particular as most cinema theatres do increasingly mirror only a very small (Hollywood-dominated) segment of the world film production. As film critics, it is our interest and often our pleasure to support national cinema in all its forms and diversity, considering it an important part of national culture and identity. We do this by writing on cinema. And we do it by awarding the best of them (in our point of view) the "Prize of the International Critics" (FIPRESCI Prize). This Prize is established at international film festivals, and its aim is to promote film-art and to particularly encourage new and young cinema. Our new programs of FIPRESCI-awarded films intend to show the richness and diversity of world cinema and reflect the professional perspective of our international juries.”
The FIPRESCI prize is awarded at international film festivals or at film festivals of particular importance. The General Assembly picks the festivals their jury will attend and the category prized by this jury. The selected FIPRESCI jury for Prishtina International Film Festival during this year will be composed of critics from Israel, the Netherlands and Italy.
Nachum Mochiach, Film Critic, Israel 
Born in Tel-Aviv, he studied Film and Television at Tel-Aviv University. Afterwards, Nachum Mochiach studied Mass Media at NYU, in New-York. 
Since 1984: Entertainment Editor, Film Writer and Film Critic in various newspapers, Internet sites and TV channels in Israel, including the two biggest printed matters in the country – the daily newspapers "Yedioth Ahronot" and "Maarive".
Sven Gerrets, Film Critic, The Netherlands
Sven Gerrets was born in Pretoria, South-Africa, but he was raised and educated in the Netherlands. After graduating, he started teaching film and media at the University of Amsterdam. After a couple of years he switched to working as a producer and director in television as well as a freelance writer for magazines and newspapers. He has given workshops on film in Iraq, produced photography projects in Argentina and made several small documentaries. Currently he is one of the writers about film for VPRO, a Dutch broadcast and magazine.
Massimo Lechi, Film Critic, Italy 
Massimo Lechi is a critic and essayist from Genova, Italy. He regularly publishes interviews and reviews in periodicals and websites, and works as a freelance lecturer in cinema and theater history. He has also published two books.
These film critics will come to present the special FIPRESCI Award for the first time in Kosovo, and they will award it to one of the movies from the Balkans competition. The FIPRESCI Jury is present at many festivals in the world including some A-list festivals like Berlinale, the Film Festival of Cannes, Venice, Karlovi Vary, etc. 
The idea of an International Federation of Film Press took shape in Paris in 1926. This organization became a centre of international information and it provided a group for the protection of professional interests. When the Cannes Film Festival began in 1946, FIPRESCI was present and also formed a jury at this first festival, and awarded its prize ex aequo to David Lean’s BRIEF ENCOUNTER and Georges Rouquier's FARREBIQUE

The Federation is constituted and organized for professional film journalists and film critics. The purpose of the International Film Critics’ Awards (the FIPRESCI Prize) is to promote film-art and to encourage new and young cinema.
Jean-Luc Godard, Pedro Almodovar, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Kim Ki-Duk, etc. are just few among the many winners of this prize during the years.
The FIPRESCI Winners Program – another novelty of PriFest:
Besides the FIPRESCI Jury, PriFest this year will screen a special program of the FIPRESCI award winners for the public of Kosovo from the curator Barbara Lorey De Lacharriere, a well-known French-German film critic from FIPRESCI. 
FIPRESCI is the curator of this program, which includes films that are prized with this award from various film festivals around the world, and for this edition of PriFest, the selected films are from the Arab cinema.
Wadjda” (included among the "Movies You Must See Before You Die"), 
“Horses of God” (official submission of Morocco to the Oscars 2014) and
As I Open My Eyes” (a film that caused many controversy and discussions in the Middle East Culture) 
During many years, FIPRESCI (The International Federation of Film Critics) has brought their experience and professional evaluation to different categories, focusing especially in the cultural, social, linguistic, religious and ethnic diversity of the movies which are screened. From now on, this will be possible for the public of Kosovo thanks to Prishtina International Film Festival.

For more info about FIPRESCI and their regulations you can visit: www.fipresci.org. 



"There are A-list festivals and B-list festivals in the world. For me, PriFilmFest is an A-list festival from this first edition."

Ms. Vanessa Redgrave

Oscar and Golden Globe winner