• 13-20 July 2017 / 9th edition

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Prishtina International Film Festival announces the competition program for the Balkan and Middle-Length categories

Next up in the series of publications of film screening line-ups for the eighth edition of PriFest, two categories have been made public.

Honey & Blood Competition - Balkan film competition - the main program of the festival, and Middle Length Competition, are veterans of Prishtina International Film Festival.
Honey & Blood Competition is the presentation and competition of 10 Balkan films. Films from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Greece etc. will showcase their styles, concepts and realities in the region, after which they will be evaluated by three juries: the international jury of the festival, which is made up of three members; the Fipresci critics' international jury, which is established in a festival in Kosovo for the first time and it chose to be at PriFest; and the media jury, which has been a part of PriFest for many years now, comprised mainly of journalists from Kosovo.
All films within this category are premieres in Kosovo. PriFest also welcomes the screening of the regional premiere of the film "The Good Wife", director debut by the renowned actress Mirjana Karanovic that had world premiere in Sundance this year. We cannot go without also mentioning the film "Death in Sarajevo" by Oscar winning director Danis Tanovic, movie that recently had the world premiere at Berlinale, winning the Silver Bear. Many awards will be given to this category, making it one of the most important ones in the festival.
Middle-Length Competition - 11 films have been selected this year, all premieres in Kosovo, and two of them regional premieres. "The Trail" will be screened as a European Premiere in Kosovo. In this open international category to the world cinema, our audience will have the opportunity to see films from South Korea, Iran, Poland, UK, France, Macedonia, Germany and many other countries. The competition in this category is for the Silver Goddess; won by the best middle-length film.
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Honey and Blood (Balkan film competition)

A GOOD WIFE / DOBRA ZENA – Mirjana Karanović, 1h 30min / Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia 2016

When the main character Milena (50) is diagnosed with cancer, and at the same time finds out about the horrible past of her seemingly ideal husband, she begins an “awakening” from the suburban paradise she had thought to live in.
THE HIGH SUN / ZVIZDAN – Dalibor Matanic/ 2h 3min /Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia 2015

Three different love stories, set in three consecutive decades, in two neighbouring Balkan villages burdened with a long history of inter-ethnic hatred: this is a film about the dangers - and the enduring strength - of forbidden love.

WHY ME? / DE CE EU? – Tudor Giurgiu/ 130min /Rumania, Bulgaria, Hungary 2015

Cristian, a young idealistic prosecutor whose career is on the rise, tries to crack a case against a senior colleague accused of corruption. The dilemma of choosing between his career and the truth weighs heavily on his shoulders. Looking further to solve the case, he enters a danger zone paved with unexpected and painful revelations.

DEATH IN SARAJEVO – Danis Tanovic / 1h 25min / Bosnia and Hercegovina, France 2016
The Hotel Europe (shooting used Sarajevo’s Holiday Inn) is prepping for a major EU get-together marking the centenary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip. The timing couldn’t be worse: The hotel is short of funds, the bank refuses to extend credit, and the workers, unpaid for two months, are about to strike. Cool-headed manager Omer will do what it takes to prevent the staff from walking out, including getting Enco the gangster owner of the cellar strip club, to have his thugs beat up the labor leader.
A BLAST – Syllas Tzoumerkas/ 1h 23min / Greece, Germany, Netherlands 2014

Maria is running away on the highway. She is alone in her roaring SUV. Behind her, fire and a case full of money. In front of her, the hopeless vastness of the motorway. Only a day before she was a caring mother, a loving wife, a responsible daughter. Today she has gone rogue.

SIVAS – Kaan Müjdeci/ 97min / Turkey 2014

When a young boy rescues a noble Kangal fighting dog beaten after a fierce battle, a bond is created that defies both village tradition and kinship and propels him into manhood.

THE JUDGEMENT – Stephan Komandarev/ 107min / Bulgaria 2014

Mityo has lost everything that matters to him: his wife, his work and his hopes. And now he's losing the trust of his only son, Vasko. Out of desperation, Mityo agrees to smuggle illegal immigrants from Syria through a steep mountain pass into Bulgaria. But, he will soon discover whether he can be forgiven for a terrible sin committed 25 years ago.

Story about youth of two brothers: in the same night - older brother, Stanko (30), is going to kill a man for a first time – and his 16-years brother Vojo, is going to make love for the first time. Many things between two brothers will cross them on that important night, and - will review the meanings of terms: family, trust, youth, loyalty and priority. What seems to be easy – it is not at all at Balkans ... but what is really the price of being filled with satisfaction? 

OUR EVERYDAY LIFE / NASA SVAKODNEVNA PRICA – Ines Tanović/ 89min / Bosnia and Hrzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia 2015

An entire generation of people who are now in their forties lost their youth in war, yet the 2000s have offered neither freedom, successful jobs, nor the progress; as if the life has been placed “on hold”…

Elke Brugger/ 34min / Germany 2015

Rainer and Sarah want to start their lives over together. All they have to do is fake their disappearance while hiking a nearby mountain. But, what will happen when their seemingly perfect plan faces some complications?

HORN – Sungbin Byun / 29 min / South Korea 2014

A high school student keeps a bandage on his forehead. Assuming he is hiding a horn beneath it, his friends plan to take it off and reveal the horn.

FREE PARTY – Fred Gélard/ 37min / France 2014

Julian, eighteen, arrives unannounced at his half-brother Max's place. Max, twenty-six, lives in a truck in a travelers camp in the middle of the forest. Julian falls in love with Lise, a casual lover of Max, what is going to damage their reunion.

A SURPLUS OF WIND – Dane Komljen/ 24min / France, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Serbia 2014
Two men, one in the West, one in the East, brothers. In both places, life is muted, solitary, nondescript. Here, windows are painted, switches rewired and cigarettes smoked; there, lengths swum, boxing matches prepared for, transactions made. What is it that links these things? Winter swimming pools, the sound of a bell, a bullet passing through bone? A letter can feel like a dream, the echoes it casts of Japanese businessmen, water droplets flying through the air and turtles scuttling on the shoreline, all held together by birdsong. Yet what happens when the fire burns, the images start to disintegrate and you can no longer dream? The places in the city are there to take their place; empty, impassive, bathed in the cold light of dawn. The money has changed  hands, we can head south together, whisper to yourself that the night is just space.
SHOOTING STAR – Lyubo Yonchev/  28min / Bulgaria, Italy 2015

Lilly is a divorced mother of two – Martin and Alexandra. One cold evening Martin takes Alexandra from kindergarten. In the dark streets of the neighborhood they become a part of a tragic accident. Lilly and her kids have to make tough decisions, the consequences of which will change their life.
LARP – Kordian Kadziela/ 27min / Poland 2014

Sergiusz, seventeen years old, feels misunderstood by his family. Some of his aunts confuse him with his cousin, his older brother, Remigiusz does not speak to him and his father wants to turn him into a boxer of worldwide renown. The boy takes refuge in his great passion, the world of science-fiction.

THE SANDWICH ISLAND MAN – Levon Minasian / 26 min / France 2015

Twelve-year-old Lio, an only child living with a single mom, is assigned a class project to describe his father’s birthplace. The only problem is he never knew him. Soon, Lio discovers that his dad was from a tiny, uninhabited lost island in the Southern Ocean, with a funny name “Sandwich.”
ELEGY Yousef Kargar/ 29min / Iran 2015

Anold man, an expectation, a hope. The film narrates the story of an old man who has been waiting for the return of his missing son for 25 years.
THE UNIVERSE IN US – Lisa Krane/ 30min /Germany 2015

Doctors find an anatomic abnormalty in the body of dancer Li - a second heart has grown in her chest. Despite an exhaustive series of examinations they fail to find the cause of the deformation, but decide to perform corrective surgery. Li has doubts as to whether the operation is for her own good.
THE LAST ACT – Dina Duma/ 28min / Macedonia 2014

A war story set in Macedonia in 1942, a young actress from Italy comes to visit her lover, the Italian general Giancarlo. One morning, out of boredom, she puts on Giancarlo's fascist uniform and steals his motorcycle. She is looking for something intriguing to happen, something glamorous that only happens in the movies. That's where she is being captured by the Macedonian partisans and where she realizes that she might be playing the last act of her life. The story is told by two points of view, Maria's and Anna's. Anna is the girl who is waiting for her partisan to come from the war, but he never does. He is the one that captures Maria, and they both end up in an ambush which ends tragically.

THE RULES OF THE GAME – Wojciech Jagiełło/ 33min / Poland 2013
Tomasz is a first-year student of environmental engineering. He has come to the city from a small town and is trying to find his feet in the utterly unfamiliar surroundings of a large metropolis.



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