• 13-20 July 2017 / 9th edition

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Prishtina International Film Festival annouces 9 projects that will be part of Best Pitch 2016!

Selection process for 9 projects that will be part of the Best Pitch Competition at PriFest 8 has come to an end.
A record number of ambitious projects from the region (Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia) applied to be part of Best Pitch and compete for the Vanessa Redgrave prize of 1,000€ including the advantage to receive training from experts of Torino Film Lab and Script Circle.
 Projects selected to be part of Best Pitch for this year are:
Broken” Macedonia with director Marko Crnogorski and producer Vladimir Stojcevski
Open Door” cooperation between Albania and Italy, director Florenc Papas and producer Eno Milkani.
The Witch Hunter” from Serbia with director Rasko Miljkovic and producer  Jovana Karaulic.
Three Lions Heading Venice”from Albania, director Jonid Jorgji and producer Elkjana Gjipali.
Grandfather and his Grandson” from Macedonia with director Illja Piperkoski and producer Ognen Antov.
Pledge” from Kosovo with director and producer Valon Jakupaj and scriptwriter Dituri Neziraj.
Perhaps”, from Macedonia and Kosovo with director Kastriot Abdyli, and producer Simeon Damevski.
After the Winter”, film project from Montenegro with director Ivan Bakrac and producer Ivan Djurovic.
Vera Dreams of the Sea”, Kosovo project with director Kaltrina Krasniqi and producer Shkumbin Istrefi.

Fatos Berisha, Head of PriFORUM is happy with the number of projects that applied for Best Pitch reaching 33 from Kosovo and the region. “We are very enthusiastic for the big turnout of projects this year as all of them are so interesting and ambitious. We selected 9 out of 33 that will benefit from the training and opportunities that we offer free of charge for them. Others that are not part of the pitch should not be discouraged as well because PriFest will offer to them a venue to meet producers, distributors and sales so they are welcome to be here during the PriFest and PriFORUM.”

Besides the training and pitching presentation, a number of projects will also be selected for the Script Development and Audience Design Workshop.
Cooperation between PriFest, Torino Film Lab and Script Circle will bring experts Matthieu Darras (artistic director of Torino Film Lab), Franz Rodenkirchen (script advisor and tutor at Script Circle), Françoise Von Roy (script advisor from Script Circle) and Joana Solecka (Marketing and Audience Strategy Development expert from Torino Film Lab).
Best Pitch Competition was a starting point for several projects which later received attention in various film festivals. One of the later examples is project from Macedonia with the director Kushtrim Bekteshi “Unforgettable Spring in forgetful village” which won Vanessa Redgrave price at PriFest 2014, and is expected to start filming in May.

PriFORUM – regional platform of film industry is an integrated part of the festival and this year it is extended to more days within the dates of the festival 22-29 April. Many debates, workshops, training and other activities are expected to happen between 23-27 April at PriFORUM including the new ones Prishtina Rendezvous which will be an important activity for producers that wish to meet distributors and sales. 



"There are A-list festivals and B-list festivals in the world. For me, PriFilmFest is an A-list festival from this first edition."

Ms. Vanessa Redgrave

Oscar and Golden Globe winner