Film Entry

The biggest international film festival in Kosovo opens up many opportunities for you to submit your film. Each year it offers a special program with lots of unique activities. Film Entry is a special opportunity for you to have your film screened at the heart of Balkan region, in a festival which is growing yearly - as is its audience - and continuously making new partnerships with film industry organizations and companies (both regional and international), and other supporters of the festival. PriFest provides an agenda full of activities, with the aim to support the film industry in many ways. PriFest enables you to apply with your film in both competitive and non-competitive programs.

Competiton programs:

  • European Program (European films)
  • Honey and Blood Program (Balkan Region films),
  • Middle Length Program (25-60 min), and
  • PriDocs Program (documentary films)

Non-competitive programs:

  • Special Screenings Program,
  • LetItBe Program (films about the LGBTI community)
  • In Albanian Program