9 projects of the Best Pitch competition were presented today | 20-25 September 2022

9 projects of the Best Pitch competition were presented today


The fourth day of this year's edition started with Best Pitch presentations, which were conducted at the 'UNION' near the National Theatre.

The 9 projects that were presented today were:

1. WE ALL DIE NAKED from Albania, with Iris Elezi and Thomas Logoreci both as directors and producers.
2. SIRIN from Montenegro, with Senad Sahmanovic as director and Jelena Miseljic and Jean-Christophe Barret as producers.
3. LOOKING FOR VENERA from Kosovo, with Norika Sefa as director and Besnik Krapi and Belina Jano as producers.
4. RAM’S SKIN from Kosovo, with Dren Zherka as director and producer.
5. LENA ANDVLADIMIR from Macedonia, with Igor Aleksov as director and Ilija Ciriviri as producer.
6. HIVE from Kosovo, with Blerta Basholli as director and Ylli Uka as producer.
9. BLOK62 from Croatia, with Vanja Vascarac as director and Danijel Pek and Stjepan Hundic as producers.
8. AN ANCIENT STORY from Turkey, with Bunyamin Duranoglu as director and Bedir Afsin as producer.

10. NIK from Albania, with Jotti Ejlli as director and Gent Prizreni as producer.

The projects will have the opportunity to have their films compete for the “Vanessa Redgrave” award, a 1,500 Euro prize, as well a new benefit which was added this year, one which provides postproduction services for the winning film (an agreement between PriFest and South African Company DEEPEND Production). They will also have the opportunity to benefit from free trainings lead by international experts. The list of the coaching experts includes Fabienne Aguado and Linda Beath.

One of the winners will be decided by an international jury, whose participants are Cheryl Johnson, Jan Kean and Faruk Güven, while the other winner will be chosen by the representatives from the Ministry of Culture from Turkey and TRT (Turkish Radio Television) representatives.

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