PriForum Days | 20-25 September 2022

PriForum Days

Prishtina International Film Festival pays a great deal of attention to the film industry.

One of its most important event series is Prishtina Film FORUM (PriFORUM) - Regional Coproduction Events. PriFORUM is the festival's film industry platform that consists of a number of events that gather filmmakers from the Balkans and Europe at the heart of Kosovo.

PriFORUM partners with many international organizations and networks to organize a series of workshops, master classes, trainings and lectures for industry guests, students, audience and young filmmakers.

Throughout the years, PriFORUM has developed into a meeting point of regional filmmakers. PriFORUM’s programs - namely Best Pitch Competition, Prishtina Rendezvous, Master Classes and Panel Discussions, Script Development and Work in Progress screenings - have put PriFORUM on the map of the important industry events in the region.

Unlike bigger festivals and film markets, PriFest’s PriFORUM offers a more intimate setting providing more opportunities for networking, cooperation, and of course, new friendships.

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