Global – International Feature Competition program revealed | 20-25 September 2022

Global – International Feature Competition program revealed


We are happy to present GLOBAL cinema program, with great diversity of subjects and cinematic approach. Six films from around the globe will compete for the Golden Goddess of PriFest.

We are happy we will have one International Premiere, three Regional Premieres and two Kosovan Premiers of the films from 6 countries of 3 continents.

And the line-up for the Global - International Feature Competition program, is:

1. MEHRUNISA by Sandeep Kumar,
Austria, 90 min.
International Premiere
An octogenarian Indian yesteryear actress, Mehrunisa, finally ventures to remove her late husband’s dominance from her life in her own eccentric way. Amidst this, Bollywood knocks on her door. Lingering regrets and suppressed emotions spark Mehrunisa's lifelong wish to play the lead in a movie. But as an old woman all odds are again her. Opposed by her daughter but supported by her granddaughter, Mehrunisa orchestrates various plans with vigor and enthusiasm to achieve her goal, eventually stirring up the deep rooted patriarchy of the Indian film industry, thus becoming a role model for millions of women across the country.
MEHRUNISA, an Austrian production shot in the historical city of Lucknow, highlights the struggles of Indian women in three different generations of a predominantly patriarchal society.

2. MOTHER OF APOSTLES by Zaza Buadze,
Ukraine, 122 min.
Regional Premiere
The film is based on the stories. In search of her son-pilot, whose plane was shot down over the occupied territories, the mother finds herself in a completely alien and aggressive world, where everything is permeated with hatred and suffering. In this hell she not only seeks a son, but, having great love and merciful character in her heart, she changes everyone she meets on her way. And most importantly, she changes herself, finding a truly sacred power! Her despair and pain are reborn in the eternal motherly spirit of the earth, which returns the sons home alive or dead.

3. RIVAL by Marcus Lenz
Germany, 95 min.
Regional Premiere
Nine-year-old Roman follows his mother Oksana to Germany where she is working illegally. She is living there with the 62-year-old widower Gert who suffers from diabetes. Gert tries to make friends with the boy, but Roman struggles for his mother's attention. When Oksana suddenly falls ill, Roman is left alone with his rival. Gert turns out to be a good playmate until he dies in an accident. Roman is all alone and can now live out his wild curiosity and longing for freedom.

4. THE CLUB OF ANGELS by Angelo Defanti
Brazil/Portugal, 98 min.
Regional Premiere

None of them could  resist. Over three decades, seven friends gathered saw their brotherhood monthly meetings turned from rituals of power to melancholy reunions of failures. The end would be a dignified destiny. Until a mysterious chef appears with majestic banquets. The friendship bonds are back, gluttony as celebration of life. However, after each dinner, a member of the group dawns dead. What is the real reason for the deaths? And, above all, why do these men keep returning to the dinners?

5. HIDDEN WATERS by Kiranmayi Indraganti
India, 105 min.
Neela finds herself in the middle of a fearful scenario of her husband finding out about a cherished secret of hers: the past is neither easy to explain nor appropriate to divulge, but her blackmailer has his own demands. She cannot fulfil them without crossing her overbearing yet loving husband. The stakes for marital security rise, as do questions about self, love and marriage. Who decides the meaning of her actions even if they appear dubious to society, including her husband, for whom judgment is truth?

Germany, 102 min.

Based on the autobiography by the same name, „Adventures of a Mathematician“ tells the thought provoking account of Stan Ulam, a Jewish Polish mathematician who fled to the US in the 1930ies and helps to build the first nuclear bombs to save his family in Europe.
It’s an emotional journey through the times when science lost its innocence and shaped the world we live in today.

PriFest wants to thank Claudia Landsberger for the contribution on selection of the films in this very important film category.

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