In its tenth edition, PriFest brings its focus to Kosovo | 20-25 September 2022

In its tenth edition, PriFest brings its focus to Kosovo


"Rooftop Story", a Kosovan film by Gazmend Nela, will open PriFest this year. Whereas the closing film will be “The Return” by Kastriot Abdyli, another Albanian film.

In its tenth edition, PriFest focuses on Kosovo cinematography. In line with its tradition of promoting local creativity, PriFest has chosen two films Kosovo films to open and close the festival.

The tenth edition of PriFest, which will take place from July 17 to 22, will be opened by “The Rooftop Story”, a film by Gazmend Nela. Whereas the closing film will be “The Return”, directed by Kastriot Abdyli. Abdyli's film is also the first official co-production between Kosovo and Macedonia.

Just like in other editions, PriFest has a special Focus program, featuring films from a particular country or author. In previous years, the focus was on France, Italy, Japan, South America, India, etc.

This year, PriFest focuses on Kosovo.

In total, there are 11 films from Kosovo which have been selected to be screened during the festival week. The tenth edition boasts the highest number of Kosovo film. All of them, except for "Marriage" and "To want, to need, to love", which will appear in non-competitive programs, will be screened for the first time in Kosovo (some of them are world premieres) during the PriFest week. All 11 films have been made by local directors - young and experienced - and have been supported by the Cinematographic Center of Kosovo.

But that is not all. Within this special program, Kosovo will be promoted in other aspects too.

“Kosovo is ready to roll” is the motto that will follow the entire development platform of PriFORUM, giving special importance to the country's promotion when it comes to filming opportunities for international film projects in Kosovo.

There will be presentations of possible filming locations throughout Kosovo for international filmmakers and festival guests, and there will be presentation of Kosovo film projects that are in their post-production phase within the PriView - Works in Progress program. PriFest will also promote the capacities of production companies, human capacities, film teams and Kosovan actors that are ready for engagement in foreign film projects (Kosovo’s Rising Stars).

"We are very enthusiastic that in our jubilee edition, we will focus on our country, Kosovo. With a record number of films that will be screened during the PriFest week, our audience will have the pleasure of enjoying local cinematic work, some of which will be shown for the first time in our country, and some as world premieres, without even starting their journey to other international festivals. This makes us proud and at the same time fulfills our festival’s mission, which besides showing products from world cinema in Kosovo, is also to promote local cinematography. The fact that from 11 Kosovan films, 3 of them are made by female directors, makes me extremely happy. I hope that in the coming years this number will increase.

I’m also pleased with the fact that we will present Kosovo's capacity to welcome foreign film productions. We will do this in cooperation with Kosovo Producers’ Association and the Cinematographic Center of Kosovo, and we will have a great support from Swiss Contact, an organization that promotes Kosovo as a tourism destination, which this time will be our partner to promote Kosovo's possible filmmaking locations by organizing two excursions within the festival days. There will be many other surprises that we will unfold in the coming days”, said Vjosa Berisha, director of PriFest.

The full list of Kosovo films that will be screened during PriFest this year:

1. ‘A Prishtina Story’ by Burbuqe Berisha,
2. ‘Rooftop story’ by Gazmend Nela,
3. ‘The Return’ by Kastriot Abdyli,
4. ‘Scream’, by Korab Lecaj,
5. ‘Marriage’, by Blerta Zeqiri,
6. ‘Bini’, by Erblin Nushi,
7. ‘Forgive me’, by Besim Ugzmajli,
8. ‘Plum in the throat, by Arsim Haliti,
9. ‘To want, to need, to love, by Ilir Hasanaj,
10. ‘The Wheel’, by Doki Qerimi.
11. ‘Sun’, by Mjellma Istrefi.

From 17-22 July, PriFest will screen films at the National Theatre (two halls), the Open Air Cinema at Zahir Pajaziti Square, and our new venue, Kino Armata.

As in other editions, PriFest offers the ‘All in One’ Card, which costs 10 euros and enables you to see all films that are screened during the festival. To buy this card, contact us via e-mail ( or call our festival office (+38343714944). Individual film tickets, which cost 3 euros, can be found at the National Theater Box Office during the festival days.


A Prishtina Story - Burbuqe Berisha

The life of a young middle class couple, Aurora and Ben, changes when their daughter, Fiona, is diagnosed with acute leukemia and the struggle to find money for her treatment abroad begins. Trying to provide for their daughter, they are confronted with the evil parts of the world and face different battles. Their happy and peaceful life changes completely as it takes a major turn.

A Prishtina Story - Burbuqe Berisha / 85 min / Kosovo 2018


Rooftop Story - Gazmend Nela

Lumi wants to exterminate all the crows of his city;he blames them for the loss of his family in a traffic accident. . He meets Yllka which is in search of her son that she had given up him since his birth five years ago and was adapted from local family. She is seeking to take him back on his birthday. They make an agreement to help each other, so Lum to kill all the crows and Yllka to take her son and the two set out on an adventure in which they discover their past.

Rooftop Story - Gazmend Nela / 75 min / Kosova, Macedonia 2017


The Return - Kastriot Abdyli

This contemporary story takes place in a Balkan village where the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, eastern and western, all intertwine. Ilir, a young Albanian man from Macedonia who migrated to France, has decided to marry a French woman by the name of Sabine (perhaps out of love, but perhaps also to secure his residence permit). Because of legal issues (Ilir entered France on a fake visa) he must return to his native village to marry. This seems like a great opportunity for him to see his family again after seven years of absence and for Sabine to learn more about his roots. However, their surprise visit quickly turns sour when Ilir’s father, a traditional old man, realizes that his son has returned only to marry some foreign woman and then leave again, thus breaking the promise he once made to a girl from their village.

The Return - Kastriot Abdyli / 84 min / Kosova, Macedonia 2018


Klithma - Korab Lecaj

A family drama reflected in the trauma of sexual rape that took place during the war and the pressure that comes from the revelation of this truth, manage to disrupt the behavior of Din in relation to his wife and the district where he lives. Din unfortunately, like many others, was sexually raped during the war, the truth had already begun to emerge and this condition was weighing on him emotionally, having difficulty facing his wife and the society regarding this tragic reality.

Klithma - Korab Lecaj / 27 min / Kosova 2018


Marriage - Blerta Zeqiri

Their wedding in only two weeks, Anita and Bekim are adding the final touches to their big day. Despite expecting news about Anita’s parents, declared missing since the 1999 Kosovar War, and with Bekim’s controlling family in turn, the couple seem to manage somehow with the preparations. But when Bekim’s secret gay ex-lover, Nol, returns from abroad unexpectedly, the situation becomes complicated, especially when Bekim realizes that Nol is still in love with him.

Inevitably, the wedding banquet becomes loaded with tension when the unusual love triangle starts to unravel.

Marriage - Blerta Zeqiri / 98 min / Kosov, Albania 2017


Bini - Erblin Nushi

At the outbreak of the Kosovo War, six year old Bini is only thinking about his most prized possession, a piece of candy. When suddenly he and his family are packed into a crowded truck and faced with life threatening obstacles, Bini learns that candy may not be the only thing of value he loses that day.

Bini - Erblin Nushi / 19 min / Kosovo, USA 2018


Forgive me - Besim Ugzmajli

Based on true story...

Bujar, a young man, is manipulated by a Kosovar Imam who convinces him to join terrorist groups fighting in Syria. He secretly joins the war and then asks his older brother Agron to send his (Bujar’s) wife Mimoza to Syria too. Agron, horrified by his brother's actions, confronts Bujar and asks him to return to Kosovo. Agron tries to prevent Mimoza from going to Syria, hoping to convince his brother to return.

Bujar threatens Mimoza, saying he will marry a war widow if she doesn’t join him in Syria.

Forgive me - Besim Ugzmajli / 14 min / Kosovo 2018


Gjumë dhe Dashuri - Arsim Haliti

Plum In The Throat is a story about Astrit who does everything in his power to heal his daughter Zana, who for months has fallen into a coma following a car accident.

Astrit is faced with some difficult decisions and decides to sell the house in order to send his daughter abroad for better treatment. Later on, doctors discover that Zana is pregnant, which shocks Astrit.

Astrit is faced with a problem which puts him in conflict with his wife in an attempt to find out who is the father of his daughter’s baby.

Gjumë dhe Dashuri - Arsim Haliti / 75 min / Kosovo 2018


To want to need to love - Ilir Hasanaj

Three young people—an artist couple on the verge of a breakup and the filmmaker's apathetic brother—visit three cities over three months as part of an ambitious and transformative art project that creates musical and performance pieces inspired by the question, What do you believe in?

Travelling from Pristina to Belgrade to Zurich, each one tries to answer this central question in their work and their lives, only to have more questions spring up: Can a person change? How do you create your own inner universe? What is your purpose?

There's power and pleasure in participation, whether as an artist, spectator or person simply questioning the world. To Want, To Need, To Love provides a close encounter with creativity and shows how love is the energy behind all forms of art, creation and curiosity.

To want to need to love - Ilir Hasanaj / 91 min / Kosovo, Switzerland 2017


The Wheel - Doki Qerimi

The struggle of an old couple finding the best solution to pay their shop rent.

The Wheel - Doki Qerimi / 8 min / Kosovo 2018


Sun - Mjellma Istrefi

The professor tells his students of the myth, the sun burns everything it touches,however our city is covered by the clouds, therefore the citizens still live. A student is brave enough to explain to the professor that this theory is not true, as she’s seen the sun and was touched by its rays. The prof decides to join her in proving the world wrong.

Dielli - Mjellma Istrefi / 12 min / Kosovo, Italy 2018