Meet the FIPRESCI Jury | 20-25 September 2022

Meet the FIPRESCI Jury

They will be judging the main competition category, Balkan Films, for the FIPRESCI Award.
Anne-Christine Loranger, a journalist, film critic, author, language teacher, film director, and poet;
Malik Berkati, a journalist and political scientist;
Michele Sancisi, journalist, graduated in Literature with specialization in entertainment.
Balkan Feature Films Competition, known also as 'Honey and Blood Cinema', consists of 7 feature films from 5 countries curated by our Artistic Director, Fatos Berisha.
One International Premiere, two Regional Premieres and all of them Kosovan Premieres are the films of main competition of the 13th edition of PriFest.
FIPRESCI - The International Federation of Film Critics is an association of national organizations of professional film critics and film journalists from around the world for "the promotion and development of film culture and for the safeguarding of professional interests." It was founded in June 1930 in Brussels, Belgium.
PriFest and FIPRESCI have started collaboration since 2011 and PriFest is the only festival in Kosovo that have a FIPRESCI Jury, since year 2014.
Born in 1970 in Montreal, Quebec, Anne-Christine Loranger is a journalist, film critic, author, language teacher, film director, and poet. Based in Dresden, Germany since 2003, she covers German cultural and political news for ICI Radio-Canada (radio and television) and cinema for the film magazines Séquences (Montreal) and Sabzian (Brussels) as well as for the cultural webzine j-mag (Geneva). She has contributed to five scholarly books on cinema and theatre published by the University of Evry in France, including Théâtre d'Orient et d'Occident (Theater of the East and West) Scénaristes de la paix (Scriptwriters of peace), Rabindranath Tagore-Satyajit Ray : une filiation indienne (Rabindranath Tagore-Satyajit Ray: an Indian filiation), Afrique du Sud : cinéma et enjeuxcontemporains (South Africa: cinema and contemporary issues), Réfugiés Transmédia (Transmedia refugees), as well as L'absolu... Un jour (The absolute... One day), a tribute to the Canadian playwright Françoise Loranger. In 2013, she directed the poetic short film Le cercle, based on a Chinese poem. She is the author of the philosophical children's novel The Mad (Mad!) Story of the Twin Villages at War and a collection of short stories written in English entitled Back to Joy. Since 2004 she has been teaching French at the Institut Français in Dresden, as well as English and Spanish. She has received awards for her journalistic and poetic work, including a Gemini nomination for Best Feature from the Canadian Academy of Television. In July 2021, she was part of the FIPRESCI jury for the Munich Film Festival in Germany.
Malik Berkati is journalist and political scientist. He has worked for several years at festivals in Western Switzerland (PR and program adviser). He is the editor-in-chief of an international multilingual online magazine focusing on culture and civic awareness (j:mag), and correspondent in Berlin for various newspapers and magazines from the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Furthermore, he is a film critic for over 20 years and travels the world of festivals with a penchant for the Eastern and Northern European cinema as well as for the Asian cinema. He has served on numerous international juries in Europe and Asia, as well as on the German Film Critics Jury for Best German Documentary (2017) and Best German Short Film (2019-2021).
MICHELE SANCISI Biography: born near Rimini in 1963, and graduated in Literature with specialization in entertainment, Michele Sancisi began working in the eighties at Santarcangelo Theatre Festival and at Maggioli publishing house. He moved to Milan where he worked at the press office of Piccolo Teatro still directed by Giorgio Strehler and at the editorial office of the newspaper Spettacoli a Milano. Since 1992 he has joined the company Tele+, first pay-tv in Italy, which became Sky Italy in 2003, working as a journalist and author on several tv programs (including Set-Il giornale del cinema, the first newsmagazine all about cinema in the country).
Member of SNCCI (National Union of Italian Film Critics), he has written for several newspapers magazines (Il Messaggero;Jam; Donna Moderna; FilmTv) and was director of Bealux. Sancisi has been a consultant to the Municipality of Milan for cultural activities, organizing film events and exhibitions. He collaborate with Biographical Dictionary of the Treccani Enciclopedia.
Sancisi has published biographical books on entertainment: Nik Novecento (L'Epos, 2009), Walter Chiari, un animale da palcoscenico (Mediane, 2011) Efebo Award as best cinema book 2011, Agenda Marchesi (Bompiani, 2015) about Marcello Marchesi, Tutto su Mariangela (Bompiani, 2018), about Mariangela Melato, semifinalist at Premio Comisso; Il mondo di Nanni Svampa (Sagoma, 2022), and several articles and short essays in others books. He was executive producer of the documentary movie Nanni 70 (2009) directed by Simone Del Vecchio about the actor and singer Svampa and the band “I Gufi”. As a Tv author he was a curator for many portraits, reportages and specials about personalities of cinema and culture. In particular he create for Sky Arte the format AniMania, a seriesabout the best animation artists in Italy, and for Sky Cinema ha curated backstages of Gomorra La Serie and the movie Raffaello,il principe delle arti.
He has been juror in several Cinema festivals, including FCAAAL in Milan; “Sguardi altrove” in Milan; Bellaria FF; Bratislava FF; “Visioni dal mondo” in Milan; “Sudestival” in Bari. He lives in Milan and has two children.
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