Prifest 13: Special Screenings | 20-25 September 2022

Prifest 13: Special Screenings


The non-competitive category Special Screenings this edition will have 3 feature films in the Albanian language. Two films are from Kosovo and one is from North Macedonia and all three are debut films of directors.

LOOKING FOR VENERA (a film that had its world premiere at the Rotterdam Film Festival) and which has already been announced to be the closing film of PriFest, and the other two films THE VANISHED by Arben Thaçi and TROUBLED SKY by Anton Ndreca (online premiere at the previous PriFest-online edition) will be screened in front of the Prishtina audience for the first time.

Line-up of Special Projections category:

THE VANISHED by Arben Thaci
North Macedonia/ Kosovo/ Albania, 100 min.
Special Screening.

Far from his hometown Beqir, rather than with his wife he spends most of his time in front of the typewriter machine.
Languishing for his homeland and his people, he is no longer at peace with himself, so by writing his memoirs he tries to unveil something important, something he hides from his wife and even himself.
What emerges from his writings is full of shock, guilt and remorse, however, is his confession sincere or is he hiding something among the crumpled papers.
Does his wife get to see her husband's true face or does she become part of his story.

TROUBLED SKY by Anton Ndreca,
Kosovo, 100 min.
Special Screening.

A well-known psychiatrist (Hakiu) decides to kill himself exclusively for philosophical reasons.
He concluded that this life is unworthy and that nothing matters. Haki tries to convince his family to allow him to commit suicide.
His family does not intend to let him go, which brings us into a conflict and devastation. Hakiu is also a member of an amateur choir and all the music in the film is choir music. Troubled Sky is a drama about existentialism resting on the shoulders of a skilled man who brings up many nihilistic arguments to defend his decision.

Kosovo/ North Macedonia, 111min.
Special Screening.

When crossing paths with a new friend, timid Venera is pushed to question her patriarchal family and follow open minded Dorina,
whose strong attitude against conventions taps into Venera’s curiosity for exploring more.
While Venera muses on the meaning of life, the film slowly opens a way to sensing life’s absurdity;....
behind the rough facades, people are hiding a world of emotions – from humiliation to guilt and disillusionment.
“I have never seen my parents kissing” – says Venera.