See below jury deliberations (Jury members: Linda Beath, Wendy Bernfeld, Danijel Hocevar) for the winning projects:

The top prize for a project, colour grading prize by Kosovo company In My Country Production (services)

The Second Chapter / Albania / Elkjana Gjipali (director/ scriptwriter) Jonid Jorgji (producer)

This film tells a moving story that will evoke desperation, dismay and sadness, as well as delight, happiness and joy. It portrays an important chapter in the life of a woman, a wife, a mother and an artist, a main character the audience can and will relate to easily.

The producer and the writer-director gave us a wonderful pitch that instilled confidence that this film is not only being made by the right creative talent, but that they are capable and ready to make high quality cinema.

It is definitely one of the 2021 films we want to see as soon as it is ready.

Second Prize for a Project, Post Production Sound Foleys (services) prize by Audiohaus, North Macedonia:

Balkan Top Stars / Serbia / Andjela Zebic and Mirjana Vladisavljevic (producer) Djordje Marjanovic (director)

This project was not obvious for people who are devoted to art films but it captured our attention and our support. It is a film clearly aimed at a tough audience for cinema - kids and teens. But then it has its heart in the right place: it wants to encourage and ultimately instill a strong sense of social and political tolerance.

The pitch was colourful, dynamic and used our Zoom room effectively. We all believe it can and will use diverse digital platforms to make sure the audience sees the film, and that the film makes an impact.

Well done!

Prize for Best Pitch awarded by PriFest:

Flirtbar / Kosovo / Valmir Krasniqi (scriptwriter)

As a project without a director and without a producer, this is another not very obvious movie for a jury to single out. In this case, however, the story was told in a clear, detailed and very moving way. We followed the sympathetic lead character through a journey we understood, to an emotional ending that affected all of us. Definitely a good pitch.

While it is one of few obvious 'natural' co-productions, this film is at the point in its journey where a great producer, a quality co-producer, a director and key talent need to help make it happen.

This jury encourages you to support it.


Honourable Mention:

Scarab / Montenegro / Milena Charan (producer) and Mladen Vujacic (director / scriptwriter)

A young artist, his wife, his very funny best friend and his older brother need money. They also have big hearts. So, when someone close to them dies, they decide to start a business painting scenes and motifs on coffins. Much nicer than being buried in a plain coffin, no?

A delightful idea for a black Balkan comedy. We look forward to laughing along with the film and its stars at its festival premiere.

Special thanks to all experts, advisors, jury, project teams, PriFest team, management and staff!