PriFest appoints new Director of PriFORUM | 20-25 September 2022

PriFest appoints new Director of PriFORUM


Besnik Krapi, film producer and actor from Kosovo has been appointed on Friday, 23 November, by Prishtina International Film Festival to lead PriFest’s regional film industry platform – Prishtina Film FORUM. This decision came after Fatos Berisha, previous Head of PriFORUM decided to step down from this position and continue to lead the artistic side of the festival as Artistic Director. Berisha is leaving this position after 10 successful years of management that made forum an important platform for Kosovan and regional film industry that offers a great support and has become the meeting point for Kosovan filmmakers with filmmakers from the region and Europe.

Vjosa Berisha, General Director of PriFest welcomes Besnik to PriFest team: “- I am really happy that Besnik agreed to join our team taking the responsibility to lead one of the important sections of PriFest. Besnik has been a great supporter and friend of PriFest from the beginning. Having worked with him in different projects before, I am very aware of his expertise, vision and ambition. This makes me confident that PriFORUM is handed to very competent person that will add on the successful path that PriFORUM has reached to date under Fatos’ leadership.

I look forward to welcome Besnik at PriFest team to work together sharing ideas with him and continue building a great industry platform and a great festival that plays a very important role for our young country and film industry.”

Besnik Krapi feels overwhelmed in taking on the new responsibility: “– I feel very honoured and happy that I am offered an important role to become Director of PriFORUM and join the PriFest team. At the same time, I feel a great responsibility to take on this important role, because PriFest, and more importantly PriFORUM has been and continues to be an important factor in development of film industry offering a rich program, expertise and an important door for Kosovan filmmakers much needed due to many limitations that our film production faces in the International representation. I hope that with my work and capacities I will manage to contribute enough, continuing the path that Vjosa and Fatos have started and managed to build for a decade, despite the difficulties that they face, continuously. See you in the 11th edition of PriFest which, I know, will have a lot to offer to filmmakers from Kosovo and the region.”

Fatos Berisha, who will continue to lead the artistic side of PriFest on the position of Artistic Director, is looking forward to working with Besnik: “- I am very happy to offer the management of Prishtina Film Forum to a filmmaker who knows very well the film industry in Kosovo and in the region. I am confident that his energy and new ideas will contribute to advancing this regional film industry platform.”

Led successfully by Fatos Berisha for 10 years, the regional film industry platform has developed during the first decade of PriFest, to become one of the main meeting points for filmmakers, actors and other film industry professionals in Kosovo and the region. Expanding each year, offering several important activities, workshops, masterclasses, training and lectures, and bringing many International experts to Kosovo each year, made PriFORUM an important addition of the festival that offered great support to the development and promotion of Kosovan film industry internationally.

The 11th edition of PriFest will be held in July 16-22, 2019.

Besnik Krapi’s bio

Besnik Krapi is one of the most up and coming producers in Kosovo. In 2010 he established his own film production company producing short films and documentaries and he just finished his first feature film, Field of Blackbirds, (a Kosovo – UK – Albania Coproduction).  He is presently developing his second feature film, Looking for Venera by Norika Sefa. Besnik has worked on many co-productions in the region and abroad, including the Oscar Nominated short film Shok by Jamie Donoughue. As a young producer he managed to work with several well know directors including Isa Qosja (Skype), Jamie Donoughue (Shok), Blerta Zeqiri (Marriage), Fatos Berisha (The Flying Circus), Florenc Papas (Open Door), Antoneta Kastrati (Zana), Edon Rizvanolli (Unwanted).