PriFest in collaboration with Sarajevo Film Academy will award a BA scholarship for a successful Kosovo student | 20-25 September 2022

PriFest in collaboration with Sarajevo Film Academy will award a BA scholarship for a successful Kosovo student


PriFest and Sarajevo Film Academy continue their collaboration. Sarajevo Film Academy through PriFest this year again provides a study scholarship for a successful student from Kosovo, who will have a chance to study Movie Directing in Sarajevo, in Bachelor studies.

Last year, Sovran Nrecaj was the recipient of the full scholarship awarded by Sarajevo Film Academy.

This year, the recipient of this scholarship will have a chance to attend lectures by renowned professors from all over the world, produce movie during studies and be part of workshops organized by the Academy with professional guest lectures. In previous years, names such as Juliette Binoche, Abel Ferrara, Tilda Swinton, Agnieszka Holland, Gael Garcia Bernal, Gus Van Sant held lectures and seminars within the Academy study semesters.

Altogether with other activities, PriFest contributes also directly in educating generations of cinematographic professionals. Through partners of PriFest, this year comes with another great opportunity through which is aimed the increase of professional and academic level for all youngsters and movie professionals in Kosovo.

“We are happy and proud and at the same time committed in our mission towards supporting, developing and increasing the local movie industry. The collaboration with Sarajevo Film Academy is one of the activities that not only will open new horizons and opportunities but will also bring positive and long
term change in the academic and professional field of cinematography” states Vjosa Berisha, Director of PriFest.

The programs of the Sarajevo Film Academy are developed as an interactive platform with three basic sections: theoretical lectures, practical workshops, and – most importantly – film production.

While providing students a stable structure of core classes, the program is characterized by flexibility, openness, and the singular opportunity to connect and work with the world’s most prominent experts, artists, directors, theorists and film historians. The Academy is a place of exchange of creative energies and ideas, open communication and free artistic expression.

The Sarajevo Film Academy, founded by the University – Sarajevo School of Science and Technology in 2010, is the first private film school in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the only filmmaking school in South-Eastern Europe with a full curriculum taught in English.

The three-year BFA program takes candidates every year and represents an agile and exiting platform for new and developing filmmakers. The accent is always on practical work, while our staff – drawn exclusively from accomplished film professionals, along with regional and international guest lecturers that include some of the world’s most acclaimed artists, works closely with students through navigating challenges of diverse courses bringing together theory and application. A mentorship structure ensures that each student has a great deal of attention in completing both set exercises and short films, while constantly being challenged and engaged in modules, workshops and master classes alike.

All levels of study at the Sarajevo Film Academy benefit from an in-house film lab and the school’s standing commitment towards continuous build-up of its resources and the expansion of its production capacities.

During the second year, the students will complete a documentary film (10 to 30 minutes) and receive an introduction into fiction film format. Among other,
second year courses will explore the relationship between literature and film, making literary adaptations, learning different dramaturgical structures and mastering key elements of cinematic narration like mise-en-scène, decoupage and montage. Furthermore, the students will learn about character building and portrayal, as well as working with actors. In the final semester of the academic year (Semester 4), candidates will complete a short fiction film (up to 10 minutes), either as a literary adaptation or an original script.

PriFest will have its 10th jubilee edition this year starting from 17-22nd of July in Prishtina.