PriFest presents two new programs: Students’ Program and Experimental Program


In addition to is traditional film programs, in its tenth edition, PriFest presents two new programs.

The competitive Students’ Program and Experimental Program are set to add to the festival’s already rich variety of films, providing a great opportunity for film lovers. The Students’ Program will also serve to fill the gap left as a result of “Skena UP” student film festival closing its doors. Whereas the Experimental Program offers something unique not only for filmmakers and filmophiles, but also for visual artists.

The Experimental Program will screen 4 films: 2 world premiers, 1 regional premiere and 1 European premiere.
On the other hand, the Students’ Program will screen 7 films - coming from Poland, Bosnia, Israel, Turkey and Kosovo - among which there are 1 world premiere, 1 international premiere, 1 regional premiere, 1 European premiere and 3 Kosovo premieres. “Diell” by Mjellma Istrefi - who graduated Film and Digital Media at the American University in Rome - will screen its world premiere.

The full list of films included in the Students’ Program:

1. This must be the ritual (Poland), European Premiere

2. Reenactment (Bosnia & Herzegovina), International Premiere

3. Big sister (Israel), Kosovo Premiere

4. Pulse (Israel), Kosovo Premiere

5. Mustacheland (Turkey), Regional Premier

6. The wheel (Kosovo), Kosovo Premiere

7. Dielli (Italy, Kosovo), World Premiere

In addition to the competitive program, “Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School - Female Directors Retrospective” will present a series of films in an additional non-competitive students’ program. These films revolve around the subject of “Strong Women”.

The full list of films included in the Experimental Program:

1. In between takes (Russia), Regional Premiere

2. One and many (Cambodia, Great Britain), European Premiere

3. As your witness (Portugal), World Premiere

4. Galinhas no porto (Brazil), World Premiere

The 10th edition of PriFest will be held in 17-22 korrik 2018, in Prishtina.


Student’s program:


This must be the ritual - Robin Lipo

Xavery (28) is on the run when he encounters Baltazar (50) and Rebeka (26). They make a pit stop in the woods, where they begin a clean singing ritual to allow themselves to face their biggest fears. Xavery enters the magical world of his imagination, where he attempts to deal with the subject of his fiancée and their child, whom he is running away from.

This must be the ritual - Robin Lipo / 14 min / Poland 2016


Reenactment - Jerónimo Atehortúa Arteaga

An actress is preparing a reenactment of Hitchock’s Vertigo for the stage. A light technician working in the same theater gets obsessed with her as she reminds him, supposedly, of his dead wife.

Reenactment - Jerónimo Atehortúa Arteaga / 25 min / Bosnia & Herzegovina, Columbia 2018



Big Sister - Michal Gassner

Gili has a clear and violent agenda towards male sex offenders. When she discovers her younger brother is suspended from school for a similar violation, she finds it difficult to comprehend the limits of her power to repair the world.

Big Sister - Michal Gassner / 13 min / Israel 2017


Pulse - Eyal Tzadik

Dani and Anastasia, a young new immigrant couple from Russia, break into a boarding school by night to visit Dani's young brother, Sasha. Anastasia is pregnant and Dani wants to keep the child. During the visit, Dani aims to display to Anastasia his trustworthiness as a man and father-to-be.

Pulse - Eyal Tzadik / 13 min / Israel 2017



Mustacheland - Ercan Küçük, Esen Tan, Balen Zangana, Oya Aytimur Duman, Emre Güvenç, Fatih Yaşın, Doğacan Güneş Perkün, Ayşe Yörükoğlu, Tilbe Cana İnan, Emre Çücük

People are under pressure at Bıyıkland. It is prohibited to go out without a mustache, and this prohibition also covers women. Özgür is against the system but tries to hide her rebellious side during working hours. One night, she is chased by police for drawing graffiti on a wall, losing her mustache on the run. Now, she must find another mustache to survive at Bıyıkland.

Mustacheland - Ercan Küçük, Esen Tan, Balen Zangana, Oya Aytimur Duman, Emre Güvenç, Fatih Yaşın, Doğacan Güneş Perkün, Ayşe Yörükoğlu, Tilbe Cana İnan, Emre Çücük / 8 min / Turkey 2017



The Wheel - Doki Qerimi

The struggle of an old couple finding the best solution to pay their shop rent.



Dielli - Mjellma Istrefi

The professor tells his students of the myth, the sun burns everything it touches,however our city is covered by the clouds, therefore the citizens still live. A student is brave enough to explain to the professor that this theory is not true, as she’s seen the sun and was touched by its rays. The prof decides to join her in proving the world wrong.

Dielli - Mjellma Istrefi / 12 min / Kosovo, Italy 2018


Experimental Program:



In Between Takes - Alexei Dmitriev

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Give a man a video camera, and you will have a film in twenty years.

In Between Takes - Alexei Dmitriev / 17 min / Russia 2017


One and Many - Jonas Bak

A fly is trapped behind a window. A man lives in a new city. People’s worlds are crammed together, yet they are galaxies apart. Flies are drawn to a street light. Alone and together. One and many.

One and Many - Jonas Bak / 19 min / Cambodia, UK 2017



Ivo Moura is a man with a purpose but nature deviates him from his path.

AS YOUR WITNESS - João Pupo / 18 min / Portugal 2018



Galinhas no Porto - Caio Zatti, Luís Henrique Leal

B. is a researcher. He leaves on a journey in search of the lighthouse. He finds darkness. How to touch the unwritten stories of those who came before us?

Galinhas no Porto - Caio Zatti, Luís Henrique Leal / 20 min / Brazil 2018

PriFest's 10th edition will take place between 17-22 July in Prishtina. Book your week and don't miss the chance to see the most prominent films of the last two years, which will bring freshness to the hot days of July in the heart of our capital city.