PriFest reveals its juries for this year’s edition | 20-25 September 2022

PriFest reveals its juries for this year’s edition


A few days before the start of its 9th edition, PriFest has revealed the juries for all of this year’s film programs.

This edition PriFest has one additional jury, that of the PriDocs program, seeing that this program has been turned competitive this year.
Some of the most renowned figures partaking in this edition’s juries include Levente Molnar, the famous actor from ‘Son of Saul’, ‘Morgen’ and ‘Tabula rasa’, films that have won many great prizes, including an Oscar for the former. Molnar is a member of the Balkan Program jury.
Another distinguished guest that will comprise our European Program jury is Lucinda Coxon, the screenwriter of ‘The Danish Girl’ (Oscar-winning film), ‘Wild Target’ and ‘Heart of me’.
“This edition of PriFest will have a greater number of juries, since our documentary film program gets competitive this year. As always, we have included renowned figures from Kosovo and Albania as jury members. We truly appreciate all the difficult work that these people put in, having in mind that each program is very competitive”, said Vjosa Berisha, Director of PriFest.
For the second year running, PriFest will also have a FIPRESCI (Interrnational Federation of Film Critics) jury. Three internationally acclaimed critics will comprise it: Alberto Castellano, Janka Barkoczi and Shahla Nahdid. FIPRESCI sends its juries to the world’s biggest festivals, like Cannes Film Festival for instance. In Kosovo, this Federation has chosen PriFest for the second consecutive time. The FIPRESCI jury will select the best film of PriFest’s ‘Honey and Blood’ program.
The 9th edition of PriFest starts on July 13th and ends on the 20th. Films will be screened in 5 venues. A series of side events will also be organized, including after parties with local and foreign artists.
The full list of the jury members:

1. European program jury

- Lucinda Coxon, screenwriter (England)
- Dervish Zaim, screenwriter (Cyprus)
- Olta Gixhari, actress (Albania)

2. Balkan films jury (Honey and Blood program)

- Levente Molnar, actor (Romania)
- Harvey Ascott, producer (England)
- Ilir Tafa, actor (Kosovo)

3. PriDocs program jury

- Cheryl Johnson, writer and director (South Africa)
- Jana Wolf, social & economic communication (Germany)
- Visar Morina, producer (Kosovo)

4. Middle-length program jury

- Alassane Sy, actor and director (Mauritania)
- Alessandro De Pascale, investigative journalist (Italy)
- Hervin Culi, actor and director (Albania)

5. FIPRESCI jury

- Alberto Castellano, essayist and film critic (Italy)
- Janka Barkoczi, film historian and film critic (Hungary)
- Shahla Nahid, film critic (France/Iran)

6. Media jury (Dritan Hoxha prize)

- Isli Islami, journalist, Top Channel
- Arbër Selmani, journalist, Kultplus
- Ardian Jasiqi, journalist, Gazeta Express
- Keka Berisha, journalist, Klan Kosova
- Ilir Tolaj, journalist, Tribuna Channel

7. Students’ jury (still incomplete)

- Elona Blakaj, student AAB (Kosovo)
- Njomza Haziraj, student AAB (Kosovo)
- Kushtrim Asllani, student UP (Kosovo)
- Allmir Suhodolli, student UP (Kosovo)
- Trëndelina Halili, student UP (Kosovo)