PriFest reveals its Middle Length competiton program, which includes 3 World Premieres | 20-25 September 2022

PriFest reveals its Middle Length competiton program, which includes 3 World Premieres


The biggest International Film Festival in the country, PriFest, which will hold its 10th edition in July, has revealed its Middle Length Competition program, which includes 10 films.

PriFest presents its unique program in the region, the Medium-Length Films Competition, which consists of 25-60 minute long films. This year’s program includes 10 films from different parts of the world. We are proud to have 3 World Premieres and 3 Regional Premieres among them.

In this open international category to the world cinema, our audience will have the opportunity to see films from Croatia, France, Russia, UK, Germany, the Republic of Macedonia, and all the way to one film in particular, the highlight of this category, which will have its World Premiere screened at the festival, the Kosovar film “KLITHMA”, directed by Korab Lecaj and produced by Hazir Sh.Haziri, who also plays the leading role. The film is a very powerful family drama which is reflected in the trauma of sexual rape that took place during the war in Kosovo. “Florian’s Last Climb” and “Legend of the rice grain” - both German productions - will also have their world premieres screened in PriFest’s Middle-Length Competition program.

All ten films in this program will compete and be evaluated by an international jury, with the winner taking home the “Silver Goddess” award.

This is the full line up of the Middle-Length competition program of the 10th edition of PriFest:

1.“KLITHMA” - Kosovo, World Premiere

2.“MARY” - Croatia, Premiere

3.“THE APP” - France, Regional Premiere

4.“THE SERVANTS” - France, Premiere

5.“CHOCOLATE WIND” - Russia, Regional Premiere

6.“FALLOU” - UK, Regional Premiere

7.“LEGEND OF THE RICE GRAIN” - Germany, World Premiere

8.“A DISCRETION” - France, Premiere

9.“FLORIAN’S LAST CLIMB” - Germany, World Premiere

10.“ECLAIR” - Macedonia, Premiere

Below you can find more detailed information and film titles from this category, while in the upcoming days we will also reveal other programs.



Klithma - Korab Lecaj
A family drama reflected in the trauma of sexual rape that took place during the war and the pressure that comes from the revelation of this truth, manage to disrupt the behavior of Din in relation to his wife and the district where he lives. Din unfortunately, like many others, was sexually raped during the war, the truth had already begun to emerge and this condition was weighing on him emotionally, having difficulty facing his wife and the society regarding this tragic reality.

Klithma - Korab Lecaj / Short / Kosovo, 2018 / Drama


Mary - Juraj Primorac

Marinko is an assistant worker in the tow-away service. He lives in a cheap rented flat in Zagreb and has only one friend although it sometimes seems better not to have even that one. Recently, he has been having visions of the Virgin Mary everywhere: in stone, in the clouds, in a glass. Marinko is not sane.

Mary - Juraj Primorac / 29 min / Croatia, 2017 / Comedy, Drama


The App - Thomas Grascœur

When 30-year-old Faustine comes back home to prepare herself before meeting her date she finds herself face to face with a stranger who has made himself at home in her apartment. What if apps became real people and actually lived in our homes?

The App - Thomas Grascœur / 26 min / France 2016 / Comedy, Romance


The Servants - Marwan Khneisser
A group of carefree revelers reunite in an ancient and remote seaside villa for a day. This is the opportunity for Nabil and his wife Mira, keepers of the place, to come face to face with an old acquaintance: Walid, leader of the group. Their encounter rekindles memories of a bitter and violent past.

The Servants - Marwan Khneisser / 25 min / France , 2017 / Drama


Lonely and indecisive 18 years old Alla feels like a Cinderella dreaming to escape from the poverty and shabbiness of the environment. Her old friend Masha, who is fairly reckless, finds Alla in Skype and like a fairy suggests her making all the dreams come true…

Chocolate Wind - Ilia Antonenko / 23 min / Russia , 2016 / Drama


Fallou - Alassane Sy
Fallou is the story of a young man who has been sent from Senegal to London by a marabout linked to an extremist group. Fallou will discover London's energy, music and people. He will make new friends and eventually make a choice: stay faithful to his marabout or embrace the exciting life of this new city.

Fallou - Alassane Sy / 30 min / UK, Senegal , 2017 / Drama


Legend of the rice grain - Lukasz Pethe

Kurt Schuster spends his sunset years content in an old folks home. His daughter cant quite understand that he seems to be happy there, so she unsuccesfully invites him to stay with her family in their big house. Aivers Faber doesn’t live together with his young daughter but instead with his sick grandmother in a small 2 room apartment. A few exchange words, while they play chess together, change their lives.

Legend of the rice grain - Lukasz Pethe / 45 min / Germany, 2016


A discretion - Cédric Venail

Years ago, in Paris, a man frequented a strange place: a kind of secret club where "you watched people".A film producer senses that this experience could be material for a movie.

A discretion - Cédric Venail / 50 min / France 2017


Florian's last climb - Harold Chapman

In 1909, Austrian mountaineer Florian Frederick Graf von Liechtenstein left his estate near Innsbruck and travelled to Corsica for a climbing expedition. He was never seen again. Ninety years later, his grandson Otto employs two filmmakers to help him uncover the mystery of the disappearance, but the facts get in the way of the truth.

Florian's last climb - Harold Chapman / 25 min / Germany , 2018


Eclair - Marko Gjokovik

Ohrid, 4th of may 1980. Marko, son of the cook in the Marshal's villa, get's a chance to try the food that has been cooked in front of his eyes all his life.

Eclair - Marko Gjokovik / 30 min / Republic of Macedonia, 2016