This year's edition of PriFest is taking place online from 19 to 25 October.

Due to the pandemic, many international guests and members of the jury will not be able to attend, therefore this year's edition will not be competitive.

“It is sad that we will not host any guests. International filmmakers and experts who visited PriFest over the years are especially important for the festival; they created a strong bond with our filmmakers because many co-productions were initiated in PriFest, thanks to our great networking events and activities. Having an online edition will be a challenge for us this year, but we’d love to have our international friends back as soon as possible, so I look forward to going back to the real event next year, in line with our slogan ‘Friendship, forever.” said Vjosa Berisha, Festival Director.

To watch films online you need to be in the Kosovo geo-territory and to register at the PriFest website one week before the event.

Artistic Director Fatos Berisha stated that this year’s program comprises films which confirm that PriFest continues to be an important festival to all filmmakers from Kosovo, the region and beyond. "Despite the fact that the circumstances have forced us to hold the festival online with a reduced number of films, we are still very satisfied with all the submissions that we have received, and ultimately a great selection has been made. Out of 36 films, all of which are Kosovo premieres, we will screen 2 world premieres, 2 international premieres, 1 European premiere and 6 regional premieres.”

The film ‘Exile’, directed by Visar Morina, will open the festival on 19 October


This year, PriFest begins its collaboration with the European Film Academy (EFA), as a result of which we will bring 6 short films from the EFA Shorts collection.

For more information about the program, film schedules and activities, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the official festival website

See the full line up below.

Feature films

  1. Tel Aviv on Fire / Directed by: Sameh Zoabi (100 min) Year: 2018 (Luxembourg, Israel, France, Belgium)
  2. Rounds / Directed by Stephan Komandarev (106 min) Year: 2019 (Bulgaria, Serbia, France)
  3. Exile / Directed by: Visar Morina (121 min) Year: 2020 (Kosovo, Germany, Belgium)
  4. The Flying Circus / Directed by: Fatos Berisha (115 min) Year: 2019 (Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia)
  5. The Happiness Effect / Directed by: Borjan Zafirovski (90 min) Year: 2019 (North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro)
  6. Grandfather and Grandson / Directed by: Ilija Piperkoski (108 min) Year: 2019 (North Macedonia)
  7. Breast / Directed by: Marija Perović (100 min) Year: 2020 (Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia)
  8. Omar and US / Directed by Maryna Er Gorbach & Mehmet Bahadir Er (104 min) Year: 2019 (Turkey)
  9. Son / Directed by: Ines Tanović (106 min) Year: 2019 (Bosnia and Hercegovina)
  10. Toprak  / Directed by: Sevgi Hirschhäuser (106 min) Year: 2020 (Germany, Turkey)
  11. Troubled Sky / Directed by Anton Nrecaj (96 min) Year: 2020 (Kosovo)
  12. Stars of the future / Directed by Edmond Topi (90 min) Year: 2017 (Albania)
  13. Open Door / Directed by: Florenc Papas (78 min) Year: 2019 (Albania, Kosovo, Italy, North Macedonia)

Films in collaboration with European Film Academy

  1. Black Sheep / Directed by Ed Perkins (27 min) Year: 2018 (UK)
  2. Oslo / Directed by: Shady Srour (16 min) Year: 2019 (Israel, Germany)
  3. Patison Avenue / Directed by: Thanasis Neofotistos (12 min) Year: 2018 (Greece)
  4. Reconstruction / Directed by: Jiří Havlíček (15 min) Year: 2018 (Czech Republic)
  5. The Christmas Gift / Directed by Bogdan Mureşanu (23 min) Year: 2018 (Romania)
  6. The Tent / Directed by Rebecca Figenschau (17 min) Year: 2019 (Norway)

Middle length films

  1. Windowless / Directed by Samuel Flückiger (27 min) Year: 2019 (Switzerland)
  2. Ricochets / Directed by: Regjisor: Jakub Radej (30 min) Year: 2019 (Poland)
  3. The Mentor / Directed by: Szonja Szabo (30 min) Year: 2019 (Hungary)
  4. Happless Hans / Directed by Rena Dumont (30 min) Year: 2018 (Germany)
  5. Raheel / Directed by Ayat Asadirahbar (30 min) Year: 2018 (Iran)
  6. The Other / Directed by: Saman Hosseinpuor and Ako Zandkarimi (25 min) Year: 2019 (Iran – India)
  7. Daughter of the Tide / Directed by Julien Vila (30 min) Year: 2020 (France)
  8. Homesick / Directed by Koya Kamura (27 min) Year: 2019 (France – Japan)


  1. Century of Smoke / Directed by Nicolas Graux (90 min) Year: 2019 (Belgium)
  2. Displaced – Small Act of Survival / Directed by: Andrés Ribagorda, Anthony Barlos, Charlotte Burck (29 min) Year: 2020 (Greece, UK)
  3. Sockeye Salmon – Red Fish / Directed by: Dmitriy Shpilenok (52 min) Year: 2020 (Russia)
  4. Bektachis / Directed by Manuel Poutte (66 min) Year: 2017 (Belgium)
  5. Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché / Directed by: Pamela B. Green (103 min) Year: 2018 (USA)
  6. That Click / Directed by Luca Severi (90 min) Year: 2019 (USA)

Let it be

  1. No Hard Feelings / Directed by: Faraz Shariat (92 min) Year: 2020 (Germany)
  2. The Lawyer / Directed by: Romas Zabarauskas (97 min) Year: 2020 (Lithuania)
  3. Welcome to Chechnya / Directed by David France (107 min) Year: 2020 (USA)