Prishtina, June 21

In its 11th edition, PriFest carries on its tradition of providing unique opportunities for film projects that are in the preproduction phase through the Best Pitch Competition, a component of PriForum.

A relatively big number of ambitious film projects from the region (Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Turkey) have applied for this competition, in which they will have the chance to compete for different awards.

The projects which have been selected this year are:

1. AISHA from North Macedonia, with director and screenwriter Hanis Bagashov and producer Hanis Bagashov

2. MIMI from North Macedonia, with director and screenwriter Darjan Pejovski and producer Tomi Salkovski

3. GULIZAR from Turkey with director and screenwriter Belkıs Bayrak and producer and screenwriter Oktem Başolsi

4. THE HERO IN ME from Turkey with director and screenwriter Sinan Sertel, screenwriters Mustafa Çiftçi dhe Ümit Cihan Canpolat, and producers Turgay Şahin, Halil Kardaş

5. BASEMENT CALLING SKIES from Bulgaria, with director and screenwriter Vilma Kartalska and producers Javad Denashvar dhe Vilma Kartalska

6. SEX CUT from Albania with director, screenwriter and producer Eno Milkanin

7. NE TË TREJA from Albania with director and screenwriter Suela Bako and producer Sabina Kodra

8. VËLLAI IM from Albania / France with director and screenwriter Yulian Malaj and producer Harris Davas

9. UDHËTIMI I NJË ILEGALI from Kosovo with director and screenwriter Durim Kryeziun and producer Fatbardh Mustafa

Each of the projects that have been selected for presentation at Best Pitch will also have the opportunity to benefit from professional consultations regarding co-production strategy and the financial aspect of filmmaking with renowned expert and regular guest of PriFest, Mrs. Linda Beath from EAVE - European Audio Visual Entrepreneurs.

Four of the 8 selected projects will take part in a two day Script Development workshop directed by script development expert Jacques Akchoti from EAVE.

This year, PriFest and PriForum carry on their cooperation with European Audio Visual Entrepreneurs (EAVE), the prestigious network of European film producers, and thanks to a collaboration with Kosovo Cinematography center, a number of producers from the network will be present at PriForum.

Prishtina Rendezvous is another project which provides great opportunities for these projects. This year, PriFest will host the following companies:

·  Wide – International Sales and Production (France)

·  Memento Films International (France)

·  Fandango (Italy)

·  Alpha Violet (France)

·  Film Republic (Great Britain)

·  Level K (Denmark)

·  Loco Films (France)

As part of our traditional Best Pitch competition, we will give out the following awards:

- Postproduction award at the value of 50,000 euros (in postproduction services) given by IN MY COUNTRY Production company from Kosovo

- Audio postproduction award (Foleys) at the value of 10,000 euros in services, given by AUDIOHAUS company from North Macedonia

- Traditional monetary award for Best Pitch at the value of 1,500 euros, given by PriFest

Best Pitch is one of many activities that are organized at PriFest as part of PriForum, the regional film industry development platform.

PriForum and its activities - Best Pitch competition, Script Development workshop, Prishtina Rendezvous and Work in Progress - have served as catalysts for many regional film projects which have evolved into critically-acclaimed films that have been included in many international festivals.

PriForum, a component of PriFest, will be held from July 18-21, whereas the festival dates are July 16-21.

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