Priforum announces the selected projects for the Best Pitch competition this year | 24-29 August 2021

Priforum announces the selected projects for the Best Pitch competition this year


The thirteenth edition of PriFest continues the tradition of organizing a unique opportunity for film projects that are in the pre-production stage. This opportunity comes within PriFORUM, through "Best Pitch Competition".

A relatively large number of ambitious film projects from the region (Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey) have applied with their film projects in this competition, where they will have the opportunity to compete for different awards.
The selected projects for this year are:

1. Project title (English): At Sea
Project title (Original): Denizde
Country: Turkey
Regjisori / Director: Zeynep Köprülü

2. Project title (English): THE BOAT
Project title (Original): VARKA
Country: North Macedonia
Regjisori / Director: Arben Thachi

3. Project title (English): The Sun , The Moon and the Eleven Stars
Project title (Original): 11 Yıldız, Güneş ve Ay
Country: Turkey
Regjisori / Director: Emir Kulal Haznevi

4. Project title (English): Made by dust
Project title (Original): Te bere prej pluhuri
Country: Albania
Regjisori / Director: Ajola Daja

5. Project title (English): 2000: A post-war Odyssey
Project title (Original): 2000: A post-war Odyssey
Country: Kosovo
Regjisori / Director: Zgjim Terziqi

6. Project title (English): Blood and Honey
Project title (Original): Krv i Med
Country: Macedonia
Regjisori / Director: Ilija PIperkoski

7. Project title (English): Lorena
Project title (Original): Lorena
Country: Kosovo/Italy
Regjisori / Director: Valon Jakupaj

8. Project title (English): Fear
Project title (Original): Strah
Country: Montenegro
Regjisori / Director: Aleksandar Radunović

9. Project title (English): Between Earth and Sky
Project title (Original): Mes Qiellit dhe Tokes
Country: Albania
Regjisori / Director: Gledis Bica

The selected projects will benefit from various trainings such as the pitching workshop (presentation) to be held by experts Claudia Landsberger.
All selected projects for presentation at Best Pitch will also benefit from the possibility of professional consulting regarding the financial aspect and co-production strategy with another expert in the field, Linda Beath also from EAVE.
The traditional Best Pitch competition also awards prizes for winning projects this year:

• Award for Audio-post production 15 days in FOLEYS, given by the company: Audio House, North Macedonia

• Award for post-production - Grading of colors given by the company: My Country Production, Kosovo

Best Pitch is just one of several activities organized at PriFest as part of PriFORUM, a regional film industry development platform.
PriFORUM is an integral part of PriFest and this year will be held on 26-29 August, while PriFest will be held on 24-29 August. All activities will be held physically.

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