Speech of the Festival Director of PriFest at the Opening of the 13th edition | 24-29 August 2021

Speech of the Festival Director of PriFest at the Opening of the 13th edition

Lucky 13
Who would have thought that the number 13 would be lucky? That we would start over so quickly after the terrible pandemic that befell us.
Despite everything, despite the number that is not usually one to bring luck, we restart our journey of film.
Prishtina is once again a host to films, filmmakers and guests from the region and Europe.
Remembering the difficult year that we left behind, the suffering, the ill and the ones we lost to the Covid-19 virus, filmmakers around the world who are struggling to survive – we restart! We restart with a new energy, with the same passion for film, with the feeling of joy that we are meeting each other again.
As many filmmakers said during the pandemic, we better understood the value of meeting face to face, the value of enjoying films in a common space, the value of socializing after watching films, the value of new friendships, and the value of films festivals too.
We are happy that despite hardships, we are meeting again in Prishtina. The last week of August is due to bring good weather, but above all, it is due to bring many good films and great times.
We are happy to host you once again dear viewers, filmmakers, guests, associates, and supporters of the festival.
I am happy that despite personal hardships, I am meeting you again in Prishtina, for the 13th time.
Because as the famous Lincoln quote goes: “It’s not about how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up.”
We rise again for the celebration of film, for the 13th time.
This time, let this number bring us luck.