The Jury of PriDocs- Documentary Films Competition program | 20-25 September 2022

The Jury of PriDocs- Documentary Films Competition program

Meet the Jury of PriDocs - Documentary Films Competition program -
Marc Schmidt, documentary filmmaker;
Tugce Aydin, filmmaker, performer and art director;
Latif Hasolli, editor, cinematographer and producer.
PriDocs Program consists of 7 films, from which 1 will be International Premiere at PriFest, 3 Regional Premieres and 2 Kosovan Premieres.
PriDocs program selection was the result of colaboration with Cheryl Johnson, PriFest’s long term colaborator.
Marc Schmidt has set goal to explore the mental realm of our existence. His films qualify by a direct emotive approach, philosophical reflections and a continuous exploration of cinematic possibilities.
Marc is a tutor at St. Joost School of Art & Design in Breda and a mentor at Ethnographic & Documentary Film, UCL in London.
Tugce Aydin is an Istanbul based filmmaker, performer and art director. � In 2012, she has completed her B.Sc. degree in Biological Sciences at the Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey. In 2015, she got a master degree in Cinema and Television from Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey.
In 2015, as a performer, she did three individual performance/video documentary series, called Do You See What I See?; based on the concepts of “abjection” and “liminality” using her bodily expressions and its reflection in the mirror. In 2017, she made a performance in SALT Galata, Istanbul, called What Remains Behind?; created a searching canvas out of 20 photographs she has had contemplation with; through painting and moving she searched for transformations of the images into meaning. In 2020, she attended a workshop with RabihMroué, My Body – Image organised by STUDIO teatrgaleria, based in Warsaw (Poland), in collaboration with Onassis Stegi(Greece). Her feature length documentary project as a director, Madame X, attended the 2017 ArmeniaTurkey Cinema Platform in Yerevan, Armenia (Golden Apricot International Film Festival). In October 2017, the film won the first prize in its category -Projects Looking for Producers- at the Antalya Film Forum (Antalya International Film Festival, Turkey). In 2018, Madame X received the support of the Turkish Ministry of Culture. Additionally, it participated to the 2018 Greenhouse Development Program that took place in Morocco.
She has been working on a documentary project, Les Messagers, as an assistant director to Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd, a France-based Belgium documentary filmmaker since 2019. Les Messagers is co-produced by Les Films D'ici (France), Cobra Film (Belgium), ARTE France/ La Lucarne and RTBF.
For many years, she has also been creatively inspired by working as an art director for many short films, feature films and commercials. She recently worked in The Walk with Amal project, as a costume supervisor; styling the puppeteers and producing Amal’s costumes based on the design by Annie Symons and Adrian Kohler. Currently, she is in the documentary team of the The Walk with Amal as a production manager and assistant director.
Latif Hasolli has worked on over 30 short films, feature films, documentaries, such as Film Editor and TV, Director of Photography, Producer.
The success has followed him continuously, and most recently in 2021 having an extraordinary success, as the world premiere of the long feature documentary "Reconciliation" at the CPH:DOX which is considered the most prestigious festival in the world.
He is the founder of the film company "Dera Film" based in Pristina, also the founder of the film company "LH FILM" based in Tirana, these production companies produce feature
documentaries, short films and, with special emphasis on the development and support of vision and the specific expression of young authors.
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