This year PriDocs gets competitive! Two world premieres included in this category. | 20-25 September 2022

This year PriDocs gets competitive! Two world premieres included in this category.


After operating as a promotional program for six years, PriFest’s documentary program,

PriDocs, will be transformed into a competitive program with 16 films. The 9th edition of PriFest brings 2 world premieres, 2 international premieres, 6  regional premieres and 6 Kosovo premieres through its documentary program, which will run from July 13 to 20. These films come from different parts of the world - Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Israel, Switzerland, Palestine, the Czech Republic, France etc. - and most of them will be presented by the film authors themselves, as they will be present as festival guests.

These documentary films promise to broaden the horizon of the festival audience with border-breaking social themes related to war, politics, arms, environment preservation, love and sports. Amon this program’s truly unique films is Ghost Hunting, winner of the main award for documentary films at this year’s Berlinale (International Film Festival in Berlin), namely the Crystal Bear - Glashutte Original Documentary Award.

Intrigued by the ghosts that haunt him, Raed Andoni, the Palestinian director of the film Ghost Hunting, rallies an eclectic group of ex-cons so as to build a copy of Al-Moskobiya - the main interrogation center located at a prison in Israel - where he served time at the young age of 18. Bit by bit, day after day, through their recollections they give shape to the interrogation center which they all experienced. Ghost Hunting recreated its history. As prison walls rise, feelings are released.

Another highlight is See You in Chechnya. The director Alexander Kvatashidze sums up exclusive footage and hair-raising stories within 68 minutes, through reporters of the infamous war in Chechnya which he met after setting off on his journey, inspired by his love for a war photojournalist. This documentary also covers the deceased photojournalist Antonio Russo, a person many of us remember from the war in Kosovo, in which he was present.

The full list of documentaries that will be screened in this program is as follows:

  1. FOOT FIST, France, World Premiere
  2. ENLIGHTENING, Spain, World Premiere
  3. SARAJ’VO, Bosnia & Herzegovina, International Premiere
  4. GUNS, Germany, International Premiere
  5. THE ART OF MOVING, Germany, Regional Premiere
  6. SEE YOU IN CHECHNYA, France, Regional Premiere
  7. NEVERTHELESS, AL QUDS, Palestine, Regional Premiere
  8. GAZA SURF CLUB, Germany, Regional Premiere
  9. SPIELFELD, Germany, Regional Premiere
  10. GIRL POWER, Czech Republic, Regional Premiere
  11. I AM NOT FROM HERE, Spain, Kosovo Premiere
  12. BEN GURION, EPILOGUE Israel, Kosovo Premiere
  13. THE WONDERFUL KINGDOM OF PAPA ALAEV, Israel, Kosovo Premiere
  14. LIKE DEW IN THE SUN, Switzerland, Kosovo Premiere
  15. GHOST HUNTING, Palestine, Kosovo Premiere
  16. BURNING ISSUE, Germany, Kosovo Premiere

This year, from July 13-20, the PriFest audience will be able to watch films at the National Theatre (two halls), the Open Air Cinema at the Zahir Pajaziti Square, Kino ABC and the other Open Air Cinema at the National Museum Amphitheatre. Tickets will cost 3 Euros, and can be bought at the National Theatre and Kino ABC. Film lovers also have the great opportunity to buy an All in one ticket which will enable them to watch any and all of the festival’s 76 films for only 10 Euros.

To buy this card write to us at or phone the festival office +381 38 22 11 44.

In the following days PriFest will publish the names of the films which will comprise the other categories of this year’s edition, so save the date and prepare yourself for a week full of films, debates and other activities which will make Prishtina the place to be this summer.