PriForum reveals selected projects for Best Pitch 2020


Twelve film projects from the region will be competing for Best Pitch 2020

The 12th edition of PriFest continues the tradition of hosting a unique opportunity for film projects (which are at the preproduction phase), namely the Best Pitch Competition. A good number of ambitious projects from the region (Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Czech Republic, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey, Greece and Serbia) have applied for the opportunity to have their film project compete for a number of prizes.

The projects that have been selected for the 12th edition of the Best Pitch Competition are the following:

1. AZURE from Greece, with Stratis Chatzielenoudas as director, co-screenwriter Stratis Chatzielenoudas & Takis Papanastasiou and Ioanna Petinaraki as producer
2. EVERYBODY CALLS REDZO from North Macedonia, with Ibrahim Deari as director, Artin Selmani & Ibrahim Deari as screenwriter and Sasho Pavlovski as producer
3.DEBORA from Kosovo, with Arlinda Morinen as director & screenwriter and Luigji Bejta as producer
4. BUT I DIDN’T MEAN TO FORGET YOU from Turkey, with Abdullah Harun ILHAN as director & screenwriter and Ibrahim Elma & Abdullah Harun ILHAN as producers
5. JOURNEY TO AWAKENING from Czech Republic /Albania, with Saimir Bajo as director & screenwriter and Elkjana Gjipali & Lukáš Mráček as producers
6.BALKAN TOP STAR from Serbia, with Djorde Marjanovic as director, Jasmika Petrovic as screenwriter and Mirjana Vladisavljevic & Andjela Zebic as producers
7. NOT AS YOU KNOW IT from Turkey, with Vuslat Saraçoğlu as director & screenwriter and Vuslat Saraçoğlu & Mete Özkurt  as producers
8. SCARAB from Montenegro, with Mladen Vujacic as director & screenwriter and Milena Charan as producer
9. THE POSSESSED from Bosnia and Hercegovina/Croatia, with Ivan Koroman as director & screenwriter
10.THE SECOND CHAPTER from Albania, with Elkjana Gjipali as director & screenwriter and Jonid Jorgji as producer
11. WHEN TIME GOES BY SLOWLY from Kosovo, with Birol Urcan as director, Dhurata Hoti as screenwriter and Petrit Ukëhajdari as producer
12. FLIRT BAR from Kosovo, with Valmir Krasniqi as screenwriter



Traditional Best Pitch Competition awards for winning projects this year are:

- Audio postproduction award 15 days in FOLEYS (services), awarded by the company: Audio Haus, Macedonia;
- Postproduction award Colour grading awarded by the company: In My Country Production, Kosovo;


Selected projects will benefit from various trainings and networking events, such as:
- Pitching training with experts Claudia Landsberger and Jana Wolff.
- All the selected projects for Best Pitch presentation will also have the unique opportunity to have a One to One coaching session on financing and co-production strategies with another great expert of the field, EAVE expert Linda Beath.
- After the pitch presentation, projects will have the opportunity to attend Prishtina Rendezvous - one to one with sales agents

The Best Pitch Competition is only one of many activities that fall under the umbrella of Prishtina Film FORUM, PriFest’s film industry development platform that is reaching its 12th edition together with the festival.
PriFORUM and its activities - Best Pitch Competition, various trainings, Prishtina Rendezvous and the last but not least Work in Progress - have served as a catalyst for many regional film projects which by now have been finalized and have been critically acclaimed in film festivals and by the audience.
PriFORUM is the film industry’s regional platform and is a component of PriFest. It will be held online from July 17-19. The 12th edition of PriFest, is planned as physical event in open air venues from 25-30 August 2020.Friendship. Forever. PriFest