PriFORUM Regional Coproduction Events

Prishtina International Film Festival pays a great deal of attention to the film industry. One of its most important event series is PriFORUM Regional Coproduction Events. PriFORUM is the festival's regional film industry development platform that consists of a number of film industry events that gather filmmakers from the Balkans and Europe at the heart of Kosovo. PriFORUM partners with many organizations and networks from the region and Europe. These organizations attend PriFORUM and present their work or offer expertise sessions for festival guests and filmmakers. A series of workshops, master classes and lectures are held for students, audience and young filmmakers.

Many young and enthusiastic producers, distributors, directors, actors and filmmakers from the region and Europe can be met during the festival. A number of exciting parties and outings are also organised for the guests. Given that the festival is not very big, it offers a great forum for meeting people and expanding networks in a much smaller and more intimate setting that harbors a very friendly atmosphere.